Fun and easy way to activate brain
Happiness to the daily life of a person with Alzheimer
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Memoera is easier than TV. Just press it on and it is ready to be used


Time flies with Memoera. Quizzes bring joy and activate brain


Memoera adjusts automatically ensuring enough challenge to develop memory

Meaningful and fun activity to a person with Alzheimer

Memoera is an easy to use device that activates multiple brain functions and several senses simultaneously. Memoera offers quizzes and games that activate memory effectively.

Research shows that active usage of memory slows down the advancement of dementia

Challenging and meaningful activity brings a feeling of success and wellbeing. Memoera has been tested with more than thousand people with dementia and they really like to use the device.

Entertaining and activating tasks for patients with Alzheimer

Memoera gives meaningful activity and making things together with the patient brings joy. Memoera enhances sense of community and gives more active interaction between the patient and care taker. Perception and deduction, language based, memory activities and mathematical skills get activated through Memoera in a fun way.

You can try Memoera for free for 14 days!

Memoera is a rental device. The price for private persons is 30 £ per month and price for institutions is 40 £ per month. You can also ask for our long term rental offers.

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Memoera has been developed and made in Finland

Memoera devices are developed in Finland by Solentium Ltd. We are committed to bring happiness to people with Alzheimer and dementia.

We have been operating in Finland since 2013 and we have hundreds of happy customers both in institutions and in private homes. Please feel free to contact us: and ask more about our services. We are co-operating with Alzheimer Scotland.